The Chosen Season 4!!!

Oh my goodness it’s here!!!! The Chosen season 4 is officially here! And goodness it’s emotional… I won’t spoil anything, but I just watched episodes 1-3 and you may need to bring quite a few tissues…

Season 4 is full of hard choices, new enemies and emotional scenes. You laugh quite a bit, and cry a lot! However, it is truly amazing. I have not seen anyone show what the life of Jesus and His followers could of been like so beautifully. This really is such an amazing piece of art.

This season goes deeper into the hard lives these men and women lived. And though some of it is fiction that is inspired by the Gospels, you really feel the hardships the disciples went through. You really feel the pain of finding the truth. And you really see the fight that happened between good and evil… I could cry just thinking about it… If you are looking for an amazing TV show that pulls at your heart and makes you read you Bible and pray… This is the show for you. -The Young Llama Reader.

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