Llama Pic!!!!!

I love the MI State Fair!!!! There’s food, games, rides, artwork, and cute animals! But this year was even better when I got to enter some of my art and get a special picture with a special someone.

State Fairs are always fun to go to! I love walking around for hours looking at the booths and animals! There are of course rides and food as well, but I have found out I have grown to dislike rollercosters over time and would rather find some cotton candy and read… But, this year I entered stuff so I thought I would show you what I did and what I won!

I entered one of the plushies I sewed, an adorable My Little Pony named Autumn Blaze. I have recently found my love for sewing. Especially plushies and dresses! So it was amazing that I got 1st place!!!!!

And I also entered a drawing I did awhile back called Movement. I drew this ballerina with the intent to do the proportions perfectly! So I was THRILLED when I saw the blue ribbon!!!!!!!!!!

And then to top it off I found this guy!!!!! This llama is with the Porkchop Revue a show of barnyard animals doing the cutest tricks! (I personally saw my llama friend jump through a hula hoop which was impressive!!!!!) Totally go and see them at the State Fair this year!!!!

Hope you all have a great day! -The Young Llama Reader and her new Llama Friend.

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