White Dolphin by Gill Lewis

Young Llama Thoughts
  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
3.7 Llamas


This is such a good book! Though, I will tell you, your heart may break a few times while reading it. It’s kind-of like one of the “inspirational” stories that I never want to read, but this one isn’t true so if doesn’t hurt as much.

This book is about a girl with dyslexia who just wants her mom back, and a boy with a disease who just wants to be treated normally. But when they find a baby albino dolphin they will have to team up to stop the destroying of the reef to save their ocean.

This book was very good. It was clean, interesting and filled with friendship and love! I was getting “Dolphin Tail” vibes and LOVED it. Though there some violence towards sea life, dead fish, reefs being destroyed and dolphins getting injured and dying in fishing nets.

And the very 1st chapter of this book has a girl ripping up the Bible because she can’t read it. She tears out the pages and watches them fly into the ocean… Little bit weird, and very disrespectful but you can’t fix them all!

Over all, this is a pretty good book for those sea rescuers out there and good for teens looking for a more realistic book. I hope you all have a good week! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • An sweet story for those who love a good sea adventure.
  • Teen-friendly!


  • Some violence towards sea life…

Frustrated at school and haunted by her mother’s disappearance, Kara only feels truly alive when she is sailing the ocean’s waves. But when she and Felix make a startling discovery on the beach, it sets in motion a dramatic chain of events. And soon they must make an impossible choice. Risk their own lives or face losing everything ..

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