The Unspeakable Unknown by Eliot Sappingfield

Young Llama Thoughts
  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
4.6 Llamas


Ok, I really enjoyed the first book of this series; but I ADORE this book!!!! It’s funny, adventure filled, action packed and has these man eating aliens bent on enslaving the human race, turn them into zombies and destroy the very world as we know it… Who wants to read it?!?!?! (I do!!!!!)

The book is about this girl who is looking for her dad, (still) and at the same time trying to survive her crazy school teaching these Parahumans (mostly alien like people) to blend in. As well as trying to defeat the Old Ones, (those man eating aliens from earlier) all while just trying to survive and be normal-ish.

The book was soooo good, but the aliens in it do try to kill/eat peoples emotions… And if you look at the aliens real form apparently you go insane… (FUN!) The book is pretty clean though. There is mention of torture, (Both mental and physical) and the aliens could like control people mentally which caused a lot of people issues… But other than that! THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!!!

Over all, I suggest this book to kids 7 and up, (ask your parents, but I think this is very clean) and I hope you all have a great day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A very enjoyable, magical adventure!
  • A good book for kids 7 and up!


  • Weird violence but it’s still clean…

Nikola Kross has battled aliens and won. But her father, who was kidnapped by evil extraterrestrials, is still missing, and now it’s up to Nikola and her friends to find and rescue him before it’s too late. He could be anywhere in the known universe, and they have little to go on except a desperate secret communication–“Kindly rescue me at your earliest convenience”–and an unhelpful clue that he’s in a secure facility somewhere deep underground. But the extraterrestrials are still determined to capture Nikola. And if she gets abducted, she won’t have to wonder where her father is . . . because she’ll already be there. In this funny and exciting sequel, Nikola and her friends discover new and unexpected allies and come face-to-face with a strange and mysterious enemy, one so powerful and so dangerous, they dare not speak his name.

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