The Silence Between Us by Alison Gervais

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Ok, so I saw this book and when I realized it’s about a Deaf girl I was like, ” MUST READ!!!!” and I am soooooo glad I did read it!!!!! (I LOVE books about REAL people! And Deaf people are very real and they have to deal with soooo much more stuff then we do; they are amazing!… Yeah… I really like stuff like that; that’s probably why I like ‘Sue Thomas F.B.I’ so much. It’s a TV show about a Deaf F.B.I agent. And it’s a REAL STORY!!!!! Though it is kind-of violent….. It is the F.B.I… Where was I? Oh right! The book!!!! Whoops sorry…)

The book is about a Deaf girl going to a hearing school and having to accept herself as she is and not try to change herself to fit in with the hearing world. I LOVED it!!!!! And the only down-side was 2 curse words…. I was very upset when they showed up; but if you get the book just use a pen and get rid of them and then your book is perfect! (That’s what I do. I think of it as “improving” the book, not ruining it. )

Over all, it was a great book and I do suggest it. But due to the curse words, I only suggest it to older teens. (No kid should have to read those horrible words) I hope you all have great days till Christmas!!!!! (Only 7 to go!!!!) Love ya! -The Young Llama Reader.



  • Sign Language!!!!!
  • A great book for girls!
  • Older teen book.


  • Two curse words… Ugh!

Deaf teen Maya moves across the country and must attend a hearing school for the first time. As if that wasn’t hard enough, she also has to adjust to the hearing culture, which she finds frustrating—and also surprising when some classmates, including Beau Watson, take time to learn ASL. As Maya looks past graduation and focuses on her future dreams, nothing, not even an unexpected romance, will not derail her pursuits. But when people in her life—Deaf and hearing alike—ask her to question parts of her Deaf identity, Maya stands proudly, never giving in to the idea that her Deafness is a disadvantage.

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