The Weeping Tide (Wilderlore Book 2) by Amanda Foody

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3.9 Llamas


Ok, I am really enjoying this weird series! It is clean, funny, interesting and soooo much fun to read! However, there is violence in it and some strange Beasts who like to destroy things… But it’s still pretty good!

This is the 2nd book in the Wilderlore series, and it is another amazing adventure filled with magical Beasts, amazing lands and people with incredible powers! In this book Barclay is now an Lore Keeper Apprentice with his 2 friends and is on his way out of his home Woods to the Sea! With dangerous waters, vicious Beasts and the legendary Lochmordra monster, the Sea might just be more dangerous than Barclay and his friends can handle…

I loved this book. I actually read this one 1st so it kind-of spoiled book 1, but it was worth it!!!!! There is adventure and action! Fights with the magical Beasts of Lore and so many mysteries wrapped into one story! Now, there is a lot of violence. Creatures attacking villages, people getting hurt, an algae that will burn off skin, and people who will stop at nothing to get what they want… So this might be a book for kids 10 and up… I think? That’s just my opinion so…

Over all, what a great series! Yes some of the Beasts are a little creepy but I still believe it is clean and I do suggest it to those looking for an adventure! Have a wonderful day. -The Young Llama Reader.


  • An amazing adventure for those who love magical adventures!
  • Interesting and fun to read!!!


  • Violence and some dark topics…
  • Strange Beasts…

Something is wrong at the Sea. The weeping tide, a carnivorous algae bloom, is eating up all the fish. Beasts are terrorizing the nearby Elsewheres. And Lochmordra, the Legendary Beast, is rising at random and swallowing ships whole.

Barclay’s teacher, the famous Guardian Keeper Runa Rasgar, has been summoned to investigate, and as her apprentice, Barclay gets to join too. But Runa’s nemesis has also been called to the Sea, and he’s brought apprentices of his own. When the not-so friendly competition between them grows fierce, it’s Barclay—the only one from the Elsewheres—who can’t seem to keep up.

The key to stopping Lochmordra lies in his mythical home, but as the flood of the weeping tide encroaches, time is running out to find it. If the rival groups can’t cast aside old grudges and learn to work together, soon the Sea will be destroyed completely. And all the while Barclay must ask himself: is there truly a place for him in the Wilderlands?

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