No to the Skyward Series.

Hola my Llama Friends! And welcome to the show, “I re-read a book and decided it doesn’t fit with my Christian standards!” Yeah… It is a sad day for me, but I have decided that the Skyward series is a no-no for me.

Let me explain. As a Christian, my reading standards are VERY high. Because I don’t want to read anything that will contradict the Bible. So I don’t read anything inappropriate, LGBT related, witchcraft/voodoo, I don’t like cursing in my books, gory violence or celebrating evil over good. So a lot of the books normal people read, I would never even pick up cause I know that it is wrong.

However, no ones perfect! So I might find a series I love, try to say oh it’s fine, there’s nothing wrong-wrong in it. And keep reading it. But eventually, if you are a Christian you really cares about what you read, you will find that doesn’t work for long. So here I am, with a series I enjoyed a lot, but I’m throwing it away, (literally) because it doesn’t agree with my Christian standards. There are aliens in the book with no genders, weird summoning of creatures, mysterious portals to a place beyond our world and a whole lot of stuff that just doesn’t feel ok for a Christian to read.

So, I am un-suggesting this book. Don’t read it or anything by this author. He really likes his violence, genderless aliens and summoning stuff. I will now go read a good, clean, Christian book that will make me laugh! Bye!!! -The Young Llama Reader,

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