Are Star Wars Books Kid-friendly?

I have read over 150 Star Wars books. And I’m not bragging, that’s just a fact. All the Star Wars books have, adventure, violence, totally AWESOME fight scenes, and the new ones unfortunately have curse words… ‘Sniff’ THEY RUINED STAR WARS!!!!!!!

Anyways, I think I started reading them when I was like…12? Hold on. (I’m 15, we moved like 3 years ago. I was already reading them… NO! I think I started to read them here, or wait. Did I read them in Grand Ledge? Oh, never mind!) The point is that, I was reading them when I was a teen; however, some of the books CAN be kid-friendly, but you would have to really look for them.

There are new books now, that started coming out with the Star Wars reboot. I actually like most of them, however, almost all of the books have curse words and are violent. The older books usually have a gold stripe on that says ‘Legends’. These books where written to take place right after the movies. There are about 120-ish books, and I have read most of them. (But I did skip the Yuuzhan Vong books. The Yuuzhan Vong are a REALLY violent alien group that is.. well violent. I did not read that series, and I still refuse too.) Most of the Legend books are clean; but it has been a while shine I read them, so I could be missing something important.

The books I most enjoy reading are the books with Thrawn! I just finished reading the Thrawn reboot book, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thrawn is the BEST villian ever!!!! And the books with Thrawn in them, new and old, are very clean, with only a few curse words in the new books.

Over all, I don’t think most Star Wars books are kid-friendly. I mean they are clean, but can get violent and weird at times. I suggest 12 and up for most of the books. Though there can be a few exceptions. Well, I hope this post was helpful! Love you guys!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

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