Star Darlings: Good Wish Gone Bad by Ahmet Zappa and Shana Muldoon Zappa

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4.4 Llamas


The Star Darling series is such a good book for girls!!!! It is clean, magical, fun and very glittery. This is one series I suggest to any little girl who loves a good magical, sparkly adventure!

Star Darlings is about these 12 girls who will save their home planet, StarLand, by granting the good wishes of the wishlings of Earth! But an negative energy is threatening their world, and the only way to stop it is to find out who Rancora was…

This series is PERFECT for young girls. There are 12 books before this one, (don’t read Piper’s book, she is apparently physic in it.) and 11 of them are very clean! This is the book that  comes afterwards and is all about the villains past.

Over all, Star Darlings is a series that I think is very clean for kids. I suggest this book to ages 6 and up! And I hope you have a magical day!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A VERY clean book for little girls!
  • Fun, adventurous and filled with sparkles!!!


  • An evil magical lady who grants mean wishes?

The Star Darlings have just saved Starland, but now the evil Rancora is more determined than ever to destroy their world–at any cost.

Desperate to understand what lies behind Rancora’s hatred, the girls take a risky journey to find answers about her mysterious past. What they discover is a wish gone wrong, a long-lost friendship, and a betrayal that shocks them. But will their quest for the truth lead them into Rancora’s trap?

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