Captive and Crowned by Elizabeth Newsom

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First of all, I would like to thank Elizabeth for sending me this book. (Hi Ms. Newsom!!! Thank you soooooo much for sending me your book!) And now I would like to say this is a Young Adult book, NOT a kid book. (16 and up.)

I REALLY liked the book, the plot line, the characters, the ACTION!!!!!! (LOVE!) But there is some “marriage mentions”. If you are married, you do certain “things” that this married couple in the book get close to several times. (It is not inappropriate for older girls, but this is not a book for young teen girls to read. This is a 16 and up book for girls, and there are some mentions of marriage things. It doesn’t actually describe it, but it does get close. Ya know, mentions of bedding, helping undo laces on dresses, being in a towel after a shower.) It is a good book for OLDER GIRLS to read, but it is not a kid’s book.

And now that I said that… READ THIS AMAZING BOOK!!!!! It is sooooo cool! The book is about this girl who gets brought to this magical secret world to marry the half-dragon king! (I love dragons!!!!!!!) There is action, mystery, romance, assassins, poison, fighting and just plain AWESOMENESS!!!!! Ms. Newsom wrote such an amazing book it feels like “magic” 😉 when you read it!

Over all, I HIGHLY suggest this book to older, teen girls. It is AWESOME!!!! And is sooooo going on my favorite shelf. “Thank you again for sending me your book Ms. Newsom!” And I hope you all have a nice day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • LOVE!!!!!
  • Awesome plot line!!!!
  • Super cool story!!!!!
  • A AMAZING book for older girls!!! (16 and up)


  • Some violence
  • And mention and talk of  ‘Bleh!’

The half-dragon King of Torva needs a queen, but the human bride he has captured may prove to be more trouble than she’s worth.

Evelyn is on a mission to find her mom, who left her family soon after Evelyn was born. But things go terribly wrong when crashing a high school graduation party leads to her being mistaken for her sister, kidnapped, taken to another world, and married to the king of the realm.

As she plots her escape with the assistance of a handsome and mysterious duke, she becomes a pawn in a bigger game, a game of betrayal, murder, and revenge. Someone wants her dead, and the only way to avoid assassination is to escape Torva.

But the King isn’t willing to let her leave easily – and neither are the assassins.

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