The Elusive Truth of Lily Temple by Joanna Davidson Politano

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This book was sent to me by Baker Book House, and may I just say… WOW is it good! The twists and turns in the book are soooooo unexpected and yet soooooo fun that you just have to keep reading! There is soooo much going on it, it is one of my new favorite mysteries!

This book is about Lily Temple, a silent-film actress who has recently started in popular flickers in 1903 and the mysteries surrounding her. Lily has been hiding behind secrets and lies most of her life, so when a private investigator finds her and asks her about the Briarwood Teardrop, the sapphire that is in her flicker films, Lily isn’t certain who to trust. But Peter Driscoll doesn’t seem to be doing anything but finding out the truth. Which scares Lily more than she cares to admit…

This novel was AMAZING!!!! I was totally engaged the entire time and I very much enjoyed it! It is sooo well written with plenty of mystery, romance and plot twists to keep you interested. The author does write the book a bit wordy at times. Sometimes it feels like everything is overly detailed, but it is still a very enjoyable read.

Now there is some violence in the book. Mention of people being wrongly imprisoned, some mention of shipwrecks, war, injures and death. There is mention of men being horribly burned and such during battle and being in terrible pain. It is brought up during an investigation and is a bit detailed… So I would say this novel is for girls 14 and up just because of the violence and dark topics.

Overall, this was a marvelous book and I adored it! I very much suggest it to girls 14 and up looking for an amazing historical read that you will adore!!!!!!! Have a beautiful day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • An amazing historical adventure!
  • A very clean read for girls 14 and up!


  • Some mention of violence…

Peter Driscoll, an underground investigator to the wealthy, has never met anyone like Lily Temple. The beautiful silent-film actress spins fairy tales and plays frivolous roles in front of the cine-camera, but beneath the costumes and stage makeup is a woman with a quick wit–and a murky past.

Peter has been tasked with locating the legendary Briarwood Teardrop, an exquisite sapphire, which Lily wears beneath her gown. In order to stay close to her and hopefully unravel the mystery of her story–and the sapphire–Peter employs Lily’s help on a case, which leads to a useful partnership. But as they are investigating together, Peter is also investigating Lily. The closer he gets to the truth, the more danger they face. And the closer he gets to Lily, the clearer it is that he needs her even more than she needs him.

Award-winning author Joanna Davidson Politano whisks you away to Edwardian England in 1903 for a whimsical and layered tale that treads the crooked line between real and make-believe.

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