Author Shout Out!!!! Gordon Korman!

Author Shout Out!!!! I feel the need to do a quick Llama Musing and inform y’all of an amazing author with some pretty incredible books! Gordon Korman!!!!!

I have been reading Korman’s books for years now, and I have loved almost every one of them! (The Mob series is a no from me, but the rest? Amazing!!!) He writes some of the best boy books I know! With books like Restart, Linked and Ungifted he is seriously one of my all time favorite authors. (Though not my favorite, that would be a tie between Shannon Messenger and Courtney Walsh!)

If you are struggling to find some clean reads for young boys and girls right now, here is you answer! Gordon Korman. I have reviewed 13 of his books on YoungLlama. So go take look, read a review and buy a book! Later my Llamaings!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.

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