Left Behind >The Kids< Second Chance by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye

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This is not a easy book to read. It’s about the Rapture, and it’s kind-of depressing… It isn’t kid-friendly; this is a book for teens. (12 and up) Lots of mention of death, people disappearing, and kids being left behind. (Just like the normal Left Behind series, except this series is about the kids.)

This is the 2nd book about these 4 kids who were left behind. It’s about how they are surviving without their parents and in a world where everything is falling apart.

The book was ok, but I don’t really like reading about the Rapture. (It scares me.) So, I will probably not read the rest of this series; but it is clean and teen-friendly. The only thing that should be mentioned is a boy and girl lived together for a few days, alone. (Nothing happened, but the pastor was not happy about it) That was the only thing that I felt like I should mention. That’s it. 🙂

Over all, this is a good book for teens to read who are interested in the Rapture. But it’s not really a kid book, and if you don’t like a lot of people dying or disappearing and going to heaven randomly leaving the earth in a total state of panic…This isn’t the book for you. I hope you have a great day!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A ok book, if you like reading about the rapture… which I don’t..
  • Christian-friendly.


  • LOTS of violence, it is the Rapture…
  • Not really a kids book.

This series is based on the best-selling adult Left Behind series. Readers will see the Rapture and Tribulation through the eyes of four kids who have been left behind.

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