Dawn Undercover by Anna Dale

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3.8 Llamas


Ok, I’m not gonna butter-coat this review. (I would say sugar-coat, but butter is better!) This book was kind-of boring for me to read… Maybe it’s because I’m older and my reading habits have changed; or because I read a lot of good mysteries, (and this mystery was kinds boring) but it was hard to read for me.

The book is about this girl named Dawn who NEVER gets noticed. She is practically invisible, so a spy organization contacts her to ask if she will spy for them. And duh!!! Of course she says yes!!!! And then she has to go try and find this “dead” bad guy in this cute, little town, while learning to be a spy.

The book was ok, but it took me like FOREVER to read… I think a younger kid would love this book, and it is interesting, but an older kid might find it harder to read.

There is some violence, well…more like mention of violence. Mention of people getting shot at, mention of people drowning and kidnapping. That’s about it. And there was so little violence I didn’t even put it as a tag…. Like noting happened.

Over all, I do think kids will like this book (but it might take them a while to read) and it is very clean and kid-friendly. But I must warn you, after I bought this book, I noticed on the cover that the author wrote another book called ‘Whispering to Witches’. I was (and am) highly creeped out by that, and will never read it. But I felt like I must warn you, so you know that is on there. I hope you all have a great day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A ok book for kids.
  • Very clean.


  • It can kind-of be hard to read…

Dawn Buckle spends most of her days trying to get people to notice her. But whether at home or at school, it’s as if she’s completely invisible. And that’s exactly what makes her the ideal recruit for S.H,.H. (Strictly Hush Hush)-a secret intelligence agency. How the world’s most forgettable girl transforms herself into a world-class spy and tracks down a surprising secret agent will delight readers.

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