The King’s Shadow by M. L. Farb

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4.2 Llamas


Ok, I LOVED the first book in this series but this book is sooooooo good too!!!!!!!! I got this book as a free eBook form Maria Farb, (Thanks Maria!!!!) and it was sooooo good!!!

The book is about 2 brothers, both princes but one can shadow-walk and is called a shadow demon; (He is not a demon) and the other is ruling as king with crippled hands. The shadow-walker gets badly sick in the book and the king has to go find a cure before it’s too late.

The book is AWESOME and the story is even cooler!!!!! There is a Christian perspective throughout the book. The shadow-walker knows about God, and talks to Him. While everyone else believes in other ‘gods’. (The book is still Christian though there may be mention of other gods and goddesses that don’t exist.)

There is some violence in the book as well. Just your normal violence, poison, swords, spears, arrows, being kidnapped, slowly dying from a disease passed through generations… Normal violence stuff…

Over all, I TOTALLY suggest this book to boys and girls!!!! This is a AMAZING book for teens ans it is definitely going to be on my list of books to buy in paperback! Love ya’ all!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A VERY cool adventure for teens!!!!
  • Christian-friendly, and a good book for boys!


  • Lots of violence
  • Mention of shadow demons (Which aren’t demons)

Two princes lead a war-broken people. One rules while the other serves in the shadows, haunted by encroaching death.

Halavant overthrew his queen mother to save his people from slavery, and now she seeks his life. Yosyph acts as the new king’s eyes and ears, but being invisible comes at great cost and his life is slipping away.

To save his closest friend, Halavant travels to the land of the skin-carving Carani, leaving Yosyph to rule a troubled people despite his ill health and the nobles on the verge of rebellion.

Unless Halavant can survive in the land of his enemies to find a cure and Yosyph can unite the frightened and starving people against a second war, both will die and their budding democracy will crumble under a new tyrant.

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