Star Darlings: Sage and the Journey to Wishworld by Ahmet Zappa and Shana Muldoon Zappa

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I read this series when I was 10, and it was my favorite series for a very long time. I used to think that these books were the BEST books in the world!!!! But I grew out of them…  🙁  But that doesn’t mean You can’t read them.

The books are about 12 girls on another planet, who come to Earth to grant wishes. This series is mainly for younger girls and is very appropriate and fun! But there is a LOT of magic involved. It’s not ‘Bad’ magic, but instead their ‘magic’ is powered by Positive Wish Energy. Soooooo… Happiness and love. Ya know, good magic. I have read all of the books… except the 7th. The 7th book was about a girl who sees visions, and she is REALLY weird. So, I didn’t read that book, but I read the rest, and LOVED THEM!!!!!! (Book 5 was my favorite… cause the girl plays the drums!!!!!! Bo-ya!!!!!!!)

Over all, this is a great series for younger girls. I highly suggest these books, they are realllllllly good. Love y’all!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A great book for younger girls
  • Very kid-friendly


  • There is a lot of magic

Welcome to Star Academy. Twelve very special students have been selected from this year’s class to reclaim the wish energy that powers their beloved planet, Starland. The Star Darlings, as they are known, take classes where they learn how to grant the wishes made on birthday candles,shooting stars, dandelions, wishbones, and coins tossed into fountains, just to name a few. Their top-secret mission will take them to Wishworld (known in some places as Earth). There they will have to find the Wisher and figure out how to grant the wish before time runs out and they are stuck on Wishworld forever. Sage is the first Star Darling soaring off to Wishworld. Travel with her as she discovers how challenging life on a new planet can be and how she learns the importance of friendship, teamwork, and never assuming anything.

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