Ember Rising by S. D. Smith

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  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
3.6 Llamas


The Green Ember Series Book 3! Yay! I love this book. It’s probably my favorite of the series, so far. (I haven’t read book 4 yet, so I can’t say too much.)

In book 3, things get a little messy. The main characters are split up and taken to different parts of the story. Prince Smalls is gone and now his sister, Emma, is the heir to the throne. She is learning how to rule with Picket and his friends helping her. Heather, Picket’s sister, has been taken captive by her Uncle and is now imprisoned in the Lords of Prey’s land, where she finally finds out what happened to her parents. The war is still raging and Picket goes on an adventure on his own. An adventure where they may take back the royal family’s home that has been reigned by the Lords of Prey all this time.

The story is slightly confusing if you don’t really focus on the words, but I still love these books. This one really leaves you wanting more too. And warning, the story does end on a cliff hanger. But I’m not going to tell you what it is. You’re going to have to find out yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Yes there are a lot of names that can confuse you and the story does jump around, but this is a great tale. You’ll love it.

Overall, it’s a must read. Get the book as soon as possible. And for those who are already Green Ember fans like myself, book 4 is coming out in the Spring. I can’t wait. I’m going to be writing a review on it as soon as I get it. (Or I might read it a few times then review it. Either way.) Hope you liked my review.

-The Tiger Reader


  • Great adventures
  • Fun characters
  • A book that leaves you wanting more


  • Confusing and similar naming
  • The story does jump around

A harrowing adventure inside enemy territory. Heather and Picket are plunged into the darkness of Morbin’s shadow, fighting to bear the flame of the cause and light the way for rabbitkind’s upright insurrection.

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