Llama Christmas Book List 2019!

Hola my Llama Friends! I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, I know I did. But the real question is… WHO’S READY FOR CHRISTMAS?!?!?!?! Also me! I am sooooo ready. I have gotten ‘most’ of my Christmas shopping done and can not wait to watch my family open their special gifts that I got for them.

I think Christmas is really about giving; Jesus gave us Him, and in return we give Him our life’s and time! I want Jesus to know that I love Him more that ANYTHING else this Christmas. So, I am going to give more money to Him than anyone else. My church does an offering that goes to overseas to help the missionary’s there. It also goes to church plants like my family! (A church plant is a family building a church in a town that does not have one… It’s hard, but worth it!) This year I am trying to give almost double what I gave last year… I know Jesus appreciates it.


“Sniff!” Ok, before I get anymore emotional I better start my book list. My Llama Christmas Book List 2019 is a way for kids to see the books on there and pick a few for Christmas! It includes 10 different books that are each for a different age group!

Numbers 10 and 9 are for younger kids…

10. Spy School

This series is HILARIOUS!!! And a very good book for boys and girls. (More for boys) There are quite a few books in the series and 3 or 4 more other series by the same author.

9.Gramma’s Attic

This is a great book for little girls; it is very clean and is full of funny little stories that kids will love! There are 3 books in the series.

Number 8 and 7 are for older teens…

8.The Love-Inspired Suspense series

This is not really a “series” it’s more like a hundred random books all put together for a “series”.  They are Christian-friendly murder mysteries; but they are violent and there is some adult comments. (Older teens. And more girly)

7.Star Wars Thrawn

This is a GREAT series for boys and girls! I put it older cause the 1st Thrawn book is REALLY hard to read. (Sci-fi talk… It’s hard to understand) There is some violence and a few curse words, but just get them a pen along with the book and they can cross out the words as they go.

Numbers 6 and 5 are great books for teens and kids…

6.The Epic Order Of The Seven

This is a great series for kids and teens. It is an historical adventure about the animals in the Bible. I have never read it, but my sister LOVES it. (Looks like I should pick up one of the books and read it) It is also a great book to read as an family!

5.Keeper of the Lost Cities

This is possibly one of my FAVorite series like EVER!!!! It does have magic in it, but it’s more like science-y magic mixed with a little Disney. There is a lot of violence, people do get hurt, but… I still HIGHLY suggest it!!!!!

Number 4 (and 6) are great books to read as family’s…

4.A Place of Voices (or the TimeDrifters series)

This series is AWESOME! It’s like reading Narnia but it is sooooo much easier to read and understand. This book is very Christian-friendly and is a great book for girls and boys alike! (Thanks Lauren for the books!)

Number 3 and 2 are great books for teens…

3.Leslea Whal’s books

Leslea Whal’s has 3 different books that are AWESOME!!!!  And a NEW one coming out this December I believe!!!! I LOVE her books and they are great books for girls and some boys. (There is romance… sorry guys!) They are mysteries and are very Christian-friendly! I HIGHLY suggest them. (Hi Leslea!!!)

2.Annie Douglass Lima’s books

Annie Lima’s books are AMAZING!!!!! And are very good books for both boys and girls. (Though probably more boys than girls) She has 2 different series that I ADORE! And a few other books too. I also HIGHLY suggest these books as well! (Thanks Annie for the books!!!!)


Uhhhh… Hmmmm…. UGH!!!! I don’t know!!!! OH WAIT!!!!!!!

1. The Disney ‘The Art Of’ books!!!!!

These are great books filled with the art of all your favorite Disney movies!!!! There are a whole lot of different ones and they are all the concept art of the movies and are very good. (Tough some of the books have weird pictures… Like in the Star Wars books there are really weird aliens drawings or there are even weirder drawings of the characters. (But I still LOVE the books!!!!!)

Well I hope you all find a book on this list, (or I did this all for nothing) I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.






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