I got an A on my Geometry Semester Exam!!!!!

Wow… I have worked soooooo hard on math this year. I was supposed to be in Algebra II this year, but I had a really BAD teacher who didn’t know what she was doing, so instead I did Geometry. AND I GOT AN A IN MY FINAL SEMESTER EXAM!!!!!!!!!!

Over all, my grade in Geometry was… A-!!!!!!! 92%!!!!!!!!!! I am very proud of myself, and my parents are very happy too!!! I just had to post this to tell you guys!!!! And now, I guess this is my first day of summer break… Guess I better get started reading more books!!!

I hope you all are having a ‘Hat-tastic’ Day! And I will be posting more book’s soon!!! Merry Summer Break! -The Young Llama Reader.

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