The Picture Bible made by God… and Iva Hoth apparently…

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I’M DONE!!!!! My New Year Resolution for 2019, was to read the Picture Bible. And guess what, I AM DONE!!!!!! (And it is only March… Ha!)

The Picture Bible is a really good way for kids and adults to read the Bible. It is not inappropriate or violent, there is no creepy stuff. I have found the Perfect thing for you to read! ‘Your Welcome!’

I gave the Picture Bible 5 Llamas cause in my eyes, it is perfect. And I don’t usually give a book 5 Llamas on humor, but to me the art in the book was really funny looking!!!! So, I’m giving it 5 Llamas… My website… Get Over It!

Over all, I highly suggest reading The Picture Bible. This is a great way for kids, teens and adults to read the Bible without struggling through 1,000 something pages. I really hope you guys take this into consideration, cause reading this Bible is AWESOME!!!!!! And easy! -The Young Llama Reader.



  • This is the perfect Bible for kids!!!!!!


For years, The Picture Bible has delighted young and old. Now updated with interesting new features, including “Did you know?” fact pages, time line, story listing, maps, and more, kids will love the great stories and action pictures of the newly revised Picture Bible. God’s Word will come alive for hours of family reading enjoyment.

Newly designed with a fresh cover, text, and maps, this Scripture makes an ideal first Bible for young readers. Though the full text for 233 stories is provided, children can follow the colorful pictures and storyline without having to read every word. A perennial best-seller, The Picture Bible is loved by young and old, and has proved to be an excellent way to improve children’s reading skills.

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