Live Safe Academy!

Hola my Llama Friends! How are you guys, doing good? I’ll tell you how I’m doing…sore… I went to this self-defense class last night, and my muscles are NOT happy. But I learned how to protect myself, which is AWESOME!!!!

Live Safe Academy is REALLY cool! They do all sorts of different programs to teach kids, teens, adults and even police officers to defend themselves. It is a REALLY good thing to learn and I HIGHLY suggest doing it.

The class I took was about 2 hours long, and we learned a bunch of different things. I learned how to hit someone in the face without breaking my fingers, and how to escape by kicking someone in the knee. It was very enlightening and I think everyone should be taking a class like this now. This world is soooooo messed up, and knowing that I may have a fighting chance in a real life-or-death situation makes me feel sooo much safer.

I highly suggest taking one of these classes, and I will totally be taking another one as well. Have an awesome day! -The Young Llama Reader.

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