Lost In Time Letters by C. D. Ross

Letter 22 of the Lost in Time Letter subscription by C. D. Ross!!!! And it is a good one! With suspense, action and new plot twists I am sooooooooooooo obsessed with these letters! In this letter I got 2 short stories, a historical fact sheet, a letter from Ben Tillett,a photo of kids selling newspapers and a register of the Titanic’s shipment.

The first short story is from Chad’s point of view as he waits for the Carpathia to drop of the Titanic’s survivors at New York. Waiting and praying that his family is alright, Chad watches as the ship sails to where the Titanic was supposed to dock and drops of the 13 lifeboats of what was left of the Titanic at it’s intended destination. He then watches as the Carpathia unloads the few people who survived the horrible sinking. Waiting for any glimpse of his family, Chad finally spots his uncle and his sister-in-law Aubrey, but once he reaches them he finds out the Ethan and Cordy did not make it. Taking what is left of his family to his apartment, Chad realizes that Aubrey and his uncle is all he has left. And after listening to Aubrey re-tell the horror of the Titanic to him the story ends with her saying the sound of the silence after the sinking was the most haunting part of it, cause it meant the people crying out in the icy waters were gone…

The next short story is only 2 pages long, but it is sooooo worth it! It’s from Cordy’s point of view after she was rescued from the icy waters, but it takes an interesting turn. Taken captive by 2 unknown men, Cordy realizes she is alive and in a strange ship. Listening to her captors arguing about saving the rest of the Titanic’s passengers, she realizes that Ethan is alive too, tied up and gagged next to a prisoner she didn’t know. When one of the captors leaves, the other walks towards her. When he gets close enough she is shocked to see her brother Tim who was declared dead. With all the pieces falling into place, the story ends with him smiling at her and saying, “Hi sis. Looks like we’re both back from the grave.”

This letter was too good to be true!!!!!!! The action, mystery and all the historic fun facts were amazing! Along with these 2 amazing short stories I also got a letter form Ben Tillett, rebuking how the 3rd class passengers of the Titanic were forced to wait for the 1st and 2nd class to get in the lifeboats before they could. The letter is a protest against such a horrible disregard of human life.

Over all, this letter was very interesting and filled with such interesting details. The facts of the Titanic will never stop being sad to read, but Ms. Ross has written such an interesting letter subscription that I can not stop reading them! I can not wait for letters 23 and 24! I wonder how this story is going to end… -The Young Llama Reader.


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