One Year Anniversary of Young Llama!!!

I can not believe Young Llama has been running for a year now! My mind is literally blown. And I am soooooo excited to start our 2nd year of awesomeness!!!! (And doesn’t my new “Welcome Llama Friends” pic look awesome!?)

On October 16, 2018 I posted my very first post! Thrawn!!!!! (Which is like the best book ever!) And when this website started, it was originally a website where I reviewed good and bad books. But now I mostly just review the good books, and if any are bad I will warn you but I might not actually review them. (It’s not because I’m lazy… No. Ok. It’s because I’m lazy. 🙂 )

And now I have over 200 POSTS!!!!! Mostly books, some movies, and a bunch of Llama Musings. (I have to share my deep thoughts somehow) But I am just sooooo happy people actually come to this website looking for books! And even though I only post like 3 times a week, YOUR STILL COMING!?!?! You are awesome. Thank you.

Well, I am very thrilled that Young Llama has made it this far, but you should never just stop! This next year I am going to be pushing for more people, more website links. Cause I want to help everybody find good books. And if God gave this weird gift to read like 3 books a day, well, I better use it! And what better way then to review them for YOU! Thank you for supporting my website, and may you have a book-filled day! -The Young Llama Reader.

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