Hi Everyone! I Have Some News!

Hey guys, I have some exciting news! But first… I need to tell you the backstory. So, my wonderful sister was reading a book, and she was enjoying it… until she found something that just didn’t ever need to be in the book. And my sister is now very upset and VERY annoyed, so I told her that SHE should do a review on it, to warn everyone about the book. So , without further delay… I present to you… THE TIGER READER!!!!!!!!! My sister will be putting up her own reviews on this website from time to time. As well as my parents!!! So, NOW… please welcome with open hoofs my new readers!

Hola. My name is Meredith, or Merry if that’s easier, and I’m the Tiger Reader. Yep, the Llama has a Tiger for a sister. I’m going to be reviewing books for my sister’s website that aren’t in her preference, but could be in others. I really love historical fiction, Christian fiction, and books that involve true stories in a person’s life. I also love reading about animals. So, I’m mostly doing books that my sister would never pick up, except for the Christian fiction, we both love those. I am very excited to be reviewing my books, and I can’t wait to post soon.


Hi, my name is Kendra, but you all can know me as the Turtle Reader. If you don’t already know, I’m Kelsey’s mom. And my daughter thought it would be a good idea to get some great books for women on her website. So, here I am. I do a lot of Christian fiction. I actually have a whole bookshelf that could vouch for that. I also read many books that are about real people. Most of my reviews will be for adult women, but they can be for young adults as well. I am so excited to be on this site and can’t wait to share my library with you.


Greetings. My name is Scott, but you can call me the very wise, totally awesome, Lion Reader. I read a bunch of different types of books, but mostly Sci-fi and Christian fiction for men. Some of the books I read can be for younger boys too, but my daughter will have to read it as well to make sure it’s clean for kids and teens. 


Hi, it’s Kelsey. I’m just stopping by to tell you that the Tiger, Lion and Turtle readers are going to be posting reviews hopefully soon, but I will still be the main reviewer and the others will be more of guest reviewers. They may not post reviews every week, although the Tiger Reader is very excited to be sharing all her books and may be reviewing a bunch very soon. Anyway I hope you all are having a wonderful day, and we will hopefully be reading more books soon.

-The Young Llama Reader… and Friends


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