Rereading a old Favorite!

Hola to all!!! Sorry I have not been posting anything lately, I have been sooooooo busy! But I did what to suggest some old books to you all!

The Map to Everywhere” is one of the BEST series I have ever read! It is clean, magical, SUPER fun and very teen and kid friendly!!!!!

The books are super magical though. Like EXTREME magic. There are wizards, evil suns set out to destroy the worlds, creatures you have never even dreamed of and a SUPER awesome bad guy, who may just be my favorite character!!!! (Though he does cry black tears and can see into the future…. He is still just soooo cool!)

Plus! There is super detailed amazing art as well in the books! It is full of pictures that are just so detailed and fun to look at! (Which is saying a lot because I usually don’t like picture books…But I ADORE this one!!!!) Over all, I totally suggest this series to kids and teens. But ask your parents first due to the magic. Have a great day! -The Young Llama Reader.

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