The Nancy Drew Diaries by Carolyn Keene

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This is a great series for every age of girl. (In my opinion.) Now I know The Young Llama Reader did a review on Nancy Drew already, but that was her opinion of the books and this is mine. I really like the old books of Nancy Drew. They are super fun and I own several that have completely thrown me for a loop. But I think I  love the new series even more.

The Nancy Drew Diaries are kind of the modern age of the stories. And I love them. They’re shorter books than the original series, but honestly, doesn’t that mean you can carry more? These books continue with the three friends, Nancy, Beth and George, but they have a modern twist. The first book was amazing. I was so into it that I didn’t realize that it was a two parter, and I flipped out when I noticed I didn’t have the second book. The story is about a mystery on a cruise ship in Alaska, and someone is out to get Nancy. I was stumped the whole book, trying to figure out the bad guy. And when he revealed himself, I couldn’t believe it. All of this series leaves you wanting more. Just like the old books.

Overall, I absolutely recommend these books to you. All of them are really fantastic. And you know what? There is a series for boys just like these called The Hardey Boys. Like Nancy Drew, the series is a mystery series with two brothers. So, if you’re a boy looking for a little mystery, there you go. You’re Welcome. Hope you liked my review. -The Tiger Reader


  • Great plot lines
  • Enjoyable characters
  • Awesome mysteries


  • I could go for a longer book

Nancy, Bess, and George are cruising dangerous waters on a tour of Alaska. Becca Wright, an old friend of Nancy’s, is the Assistant Cruise Director of the Arctic Star, a posh new ship. But Becca needs Nancy’s help when strange things keep happening aboard the opulent ocean liner: The swimming pool becomes a floating grave; a famous passenger is threatened; and even the seemingly innocent mini-golf course becomes a perilous playground. With the majestic and mysterious Alaskan scenery as a backdrop, Nancy and company have to find out who’s trying to sabotage the maiden voyage and why.

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