The Search for WondLa (Book 1) by Tony DiTerlizzi

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Can I just say that it has been such a long time since I found a good sci-fi read?!?!?! I seriously was soooo excited when I found this book, and the cover and illustrations are gorgeous so obviously I love those too!!!

This book is about Eva Nine, a girl who has grown up underground with no one but her robot mother to talk too. Eva has always heard about others like her on Earth, humans who get to see the oceans and trees she hasn’t, so when a mysterious hunter destroys her sanctuary and she gets to see her world for the first time, Eva thinks she will be ready for anything. But nothing prepared her for alien plants, animals and beings on the strange planet she now lives on… Will Eva Nine be able to find her Wondla, the place she really belongs?…

This book was fantastic! I loved the world the author wrote and illustrated; the plot line is sooooo interesting and very clean! I totally adore it and very much suggest this book to girls and boys who love a good, clean sci-fi adventure! This book really is fabulous!

Now since it is sci-fi, there is some violence and dark topics. (Not to mention sci-fi “stuff”. I wouldn’t call it magic, but some creatures communicate telepathically and such. So not magic, just sci-fi!) Some of the aliens in the book are strange. They hunt and kill other creatures and eat them. There are some labs where they turn their captives into translucent figures for a museum. (None of the violence is described, only mentioned. But the whole turning the skin translucent thing so they can study the organs did gross me out a bit…) Mention of bug-like aliens eating other aliens, and plants that melt you down or suck the oxygen out of your lungs. Basically sci-fi stuff that isn’t detailed only mentioned.

Overall, I love this book. I was sooooooooo obsessed I went and got book 2, (already read it) and book 3 is on it’s way! This series, though strange, is just sooooooo good! I think kids 10 and up could totally read these books, as long as they are ok with sci-fi adventures and such. Have a Blessed day! -The Young Llama Reader


  • A really interesting sci-fi series!!!
  • Fun, engaging and filled with mystery!
  • A good read for kids 10 and up!!


  • Mention of violence and death…
  • Some weird sci-fi aliens…

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