Young Captain Nemo by Jason Henderson

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4.7 Llamas


So, this book is awesome… AND YOU MUST READ IT!!!!!!! Ok ok. I gotta calm calm; but this book is just sooooooo good. The only problem is… the book came out this year so the next book won’t come out till NEXT YEAR!!!! (The horror!!!!!)

This book is about the great-something-grandson of Captain Nemo, who was is a fictional character who was famous for ramming ships. (He sounds like a ‘lovely’ person) Anyways, the book is really cool and I love all the adventures! (Though I believe one or two boats sunk in the book… I don’t think anyone died, but the boats did sink)

The only thing some kids may not like are the sea-monsters. I love ’em!!! But they do try to… ‘harm’ people sometimes. I don’t think that’s scary or anything, but somebody might not like that so here’s your warning.

Over all, I LOVE IT!!!!!! Seriously, you HAVE TO read this book. This is book 2 on my Llama Summer Book List, please check that out and have a book-filled summer! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • This is a great book for girls and boys alike!


  • Sea-monsters and some violence

Gabriel Nemo is not your typical 12-year-old. A descendant of the famous Captain Nemo, he spent the first years of his life living in obscurity, isolated in his parents’ peaceful underwater research lab. But with his older sister off following in their ancestor’s footsteps, sinking whalers and running away from vengeful navies, Gabriel decides it’s time to forge his own path, and use his Nemotech legacy for good.

Armed only with his wits, his friends, and his Nemotech submarine, Gabriel embarks on a series of daring rescues and exciting undersea battles. But when Gabriel’s sister suddenly appears with proof of previously undiscovered sea creatures―giant beasts inhabiting wrecked war planes and ships―Gabriel and his new friends must face their biggest and most dangerous mission ever!

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