Love-Inspired Suspense

So, my mom got me some of these books recently, and I am very much enjoying them! These books are AWESOME!!!! But. They are NOT kid books.

The books are mostly murder mysteries, and are all themed around police or spys. And I know that sounds kid-friendly, but there are quite a few adult topics. I have only read 4 or 5, but they are violent and involve a LOT of guns.

These books are young-adult. I don’t care what age you Think you are, if you are 12 and under (maybe even 14 and under) these books are not for you. There is a LOT of death, murder, attempted murder and they are just not kids books. As for the ‘adult’ stuff, (Code words) there is talks about the ‘Bad Russian People Who Kill A LOT Of People’ and pointing the gun in the wrong direction. (If you didn’t get that… GOOD)

Over all, I love this series, but it isn’t a kids one. These books are a great Christian/Young Adult murder mysteries; and I highly suggest them if your 14th birthday just passed. 🙂 Thank You! -The Young Llama Reader.

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