New Kid by Tim Green

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4.1 Llamas


This book just broke my heart!!!!!!! I don’t know why I keep getting these sad, sport booooooooookkkkkksssss!!! Ugh! I almost cried TWICE! I really don’t like emotional books…

The book is about this kid, who has an amazing throwing arm, but his dad moves a LOT. (The dad is runing from something…) The book was really good but there was some things I did’t really like. There was a LOT of beer mentions, and a kid tried to (code words!) give someone a ‘mean’ haircut with a knife. I don’t think it was that bad to include those things in the book. It gave it character, and it made the book feel real. I’m just warning you guys cause some people don’t like reading that stuff. So here’s your warning. THE BOOK TALKS ABOUT REAL STUFF!!!

Over all, I really enjoyed it. The book was a delightful, realistic punch to my normal un-realistic, fantasy books. I am suggesting this book to boys, but per-usual… Ask your parents first! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • This is such a sad, heartwarming story!!!!
  • A great book for boys


  • Mention of ‘adult-ish’ things
  • Violence

Tommy Rust is a pro at being the new kid. So when his dad marches onto his baseball field, he knows that time is up. In his new town, he goes by the name Brock, and he’s having a hard time fitting in. And being friends with the bully from the wrong side of the tracks isn’t helping. But thanks to a prank gone wrong, the baseball coach of the travel-team notices Brock’s skills and offers him a place on his failing baseball team. But can Brock prove himself on and off the field before he strikes out and becomes the new kid…again?

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