Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls by Beth McMullen

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4.6 Llamas


My mom got this book for me a while ago, and I love it!!! I mean come on… IT’S ABOUT SPY’S!!!!!! I love reading spy books…. like really love them!

The book is kid-friendly and super awesome!!! But there was one really weird chapter… There was this girl who was strapped to a chair, and then she went all crazy?!? I have no idea why that part was in the book; it has nothing to do with the plot story sooooooooo, I don’t know why it in there… But it wasn’t scary, it’s just a little creepy… But other than that, the book was great!

Over all, I really like this book, and I do suggest it. Hope y’all have a great day!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Funny, Kid-friendly, and very enjoyable!


  • Violence and a weird chapter.

After a botched escape plan from her boarding school, Abigail is stunned to discover the school is actually a cover for an elite spy ring called The Center, along with being training grounds for future spies. Even more shocking? Abigail’s mother is a top agent for The Center and she has gone MIA, with valuable information that many people would like to have—at any cost. Along with a former nemesis and charming boy from her grade, Abigail goes through a crash course in Spy Training 101, often with hilarious—and sometimes painful—results. But Abigail realizes she might be a better spy-in-training than she thought—and the answers to her mother’s whereabouts are a lot closer than she thinks…

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