Disenchanted: The Trials of Cinderella by Megan Morrison

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Ok, so I read the Grounded book a while ago, and I LOVED IT!!!!!! (Now in that review I forgot to mention that there is violence in the book; but there is violence in almost any book.) But then I read this book… and let me just say I’m not impressed. 🙁

I ran into LGBT early on, (apparently “the Prince isn’t interested in men”) and I was not really happy about it… The LGBT guy is only mentioned like 3 or 4 times, but one of those times he was dancing with another guy… Sooooooo… yeah, that happened.

There was also a LOT of violence in this book. Ella (aka Cinderella) wants to fix the labor problems in the “sweatshops” (weird name). I thought it was cool that Cindey don’t want a prince right now, but instead she’s trying to improve the “sweatshops” (still a weird name), BUT there is a lot of labor abuse… There are 4 year olds “wrapped up” to chairs WORKING! There is a sickness going around where people are coughing up… “red stuff” and a fire happens in the book.. and it’s NOT pretty. Not a lot is described, but some is…

Over all, I’m not really happy with this book… A lot of violence and just “stuff” happens and I’m just not feeling it. But, even though I don’t like this book, I LOVED Grounded and I HIGHLY suggest you read that one! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A wonderful plot line
  • Funny!.. (at least to me)


  • LGBT…
  • A lot of violence
  • There is magic coming out your ears

Ella Coach has one wish: revolution. Her mother died working in a sweatshop, and Ella wants every laborer in the Blue Kingdom to receive fairer treatment. But to make that happen, she’ll need some high-level support…

Prince Dash Charming has one wish: evolution. The Charming Curse forced generations of Charming men to lie, cheat, and break hearts — but with the witch Envearia’s death, the curse has ended. Now Dash wants to be a better person, but he doesn’t know where to start…

Serge can grant any wish — and has: As an executive fairy godfather, he’s catered to the wildest whims of spoiled teenagers from the richest, most entitled families in Blue. But now a new name has come up on his list, someone nobody’s ever heard of… Ella Coach.

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