The Veil of Smoke by Lauren Lynch

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So, I am not the best ‘Book Reviewer’, and I have a bad habit of letting really good books just sit there… for MONTHS!!! Like this book… The author of this amazing book, sent her TimeDrifter series to ME FOR FREE!!!! And I just let the 2nd and 3rd books sit there for months… (I am sooooooo sorry Lauren!!!!)

Well anyways, yesterday I found the series again, and decided to read it. AND I FORGOT HOW AWESOME IT IS!!!!! Think of Narnia, but instead of them going to another world they go BACK IN TIME TO MEET THEIR ANCESTORS!!!!!! I am telling you guys READ THIS BOOK!!!! You can get it off of Amazon for $10, and read it by Saturday! (I love this book a little too much)

I personally think this is a great Family book to read as well. My cousins and I used to listen to my Grampy, while he read Narnia, and now I want him to read these books too!!! They are very Kid-friendly with little to no violence. (Except for the part where they’re in Pompeii…)

Over all, love it, Love It, LOVE IT!!!! And now you have-to read it. This is a wonderful series, and I’m gonna go get the 3rd book and read it RIGHT NOW!!!! (Thank you Lauren Lynch for sending me these books, and I am really loving them!!!!) -The Young Llama Reader.


  • It is like a Narnia book… but better!
  • Kid-friendly
  • Is a great book to read as a family!!!


  • It is about Pompeii…

Experience the final days of Pompeii in book two of the TimeDrifter Series. This harrowing historical fantasy unfolds through the eyes of the doomed city’s inhabitants, along with a trio of time traveling misfits. Their old nemesis, known as Basilius in Pompeii, charms others as he counters their every attempt. The fate of another relies on their ability to dodge Basilius’s efforts and escape before time runs out for Pompeii. Will they be willing to forfeit a future for what they hold most dear? Sometimes great risk is required to achieve a greater calling.

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