The Lost Frost Girl by Amy Wilson

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4.3 Llamas


So, a lot of people know that I LOVE fantasy, and that I really love fairy tales. But since it is really hard to find good clean books now-a-days, I don’t read fantasy as much as I used to; but then I found this book and fell in love!!!

This book is about Jack Frost’s daughter! HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO READ IT!!!!! So, the girl in the book is trying to figger-out who her dad is and finds out that he is JACK FROST!!! (I really can’t help it, I just love any sort-of fairy tale)

Now, I did enjoy the book, I just really wished there was a second one, ’cause I feel like there wasn’t enough adventure and that a second book would make this book perfect. (The book is 320 pages but I read it in like 2 hours… I really want a thicker book…) But that doesn’t mean the book wasn’t good, in fact it is really good and very clean; and the only thing that stuck-out at me was a certain character named Mother Earth. In the book she is like the queen of.. well everything. And she is not like super weird or anything, she’s just Mother Earth. (I am putting this out there cause some parents may not want their kids reading about Mother Earth or Fay, which are weird fairy creatures if you are wondering.)

Over all, this is one of my favorite books and I love it sooooooo much. I do suggest this book, but I am warning you there is a LOT of magic in it. Anyways, I love you all, and I hope you have a great day!!!

-The Young Llama Reader.


  • Really fun plot line
  • Very kid-friendly


  • Talks a lot about Mother Earth

With a name like hers, Owl never expected her life to be normal, at home or at school. But when Owl finds out that she is Jack Frost’s daughter, her world shifts beyond what she could ever imagine.

Determined to meet him, Owl delves into Jack’s wonderful world of winter and magic—the kind of place she thought only existed in fairy tales. And as she notices frost patterns appearing on her skin and her tears turning to ice, Owl starts to wonder if being Jack Frost’s daughter means that she has powers of her very own.

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