The 6th Grade Nickname Game by Gordon Korman

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So, I got this book like a week ago, and I started reading it yesterday…AND I SHOULD OF READ THIS ONE FIRST!!! This book is awesome!!! It’s hilarious, entertaining and just plain amazing!

The book is about these two kids who nickname everyone in school. I loved the nicknames, but there are some rude ones. Like their teacher Mr. Hughes is nicknamed “Mr. Huge”. I don’t think that’s a big problem, but some parents may not approve of the nicknaming; and that’s fine, it is your decision. I thought it was funny and kid-friendly as long as you don’t actually give people nicknames. (Or at least rude ones… I actually have a nickname my self. My nickname is Goblin cause I kind-of… hoard stuff, but that does not mean I’m being called ugly. It’s just a goofy nickname.)

Over all, I loved the book, and I am gonna suggest it, as long as your parents think it is ok. (I know I’m kind-of being a little up front about this, but some parents don’t want their kids getting into the nicknaming stuff.)


  • Very enjoyable
  • Super funny


  • Some of the nicknames are a little mean

Best friends Jeff and Wiley are legends. There is practically no one in their school who hasn’t been nicknamed by the duo. They’ve dubbed their own underachieving class “The Dim Bulbs”; their pop-eyed principal is better known as “Deer in Headlights”; and their enormous new English teacher, Mr. Hughes, is “Mr. Huge.”

But now some of the nicknames that Jeff and Wiley have invented are backfiring on them. Will the nicknamers be able to get it together before it’s too late?

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