Heartsong by Annie Douglass Lima

Young Llama Thoughts
  • Adventurous
  • Christian Friendly
  • Easy Reading
  • Humerous
  • Youth Appropriate
3.8 Llamas


Alright, so the author of this book asked me to review it and post it on my website. Soooooooo here I am. And may I just say… THIS IS A REALLY GOOD BOOK!!!!!!! The book actually took me about two weeks to read, cause it can be kind-of slow at times. Not like super slow, but it did take awhile.

The book is about a young girl leaving earth and moving to a brand new planet, and she meets ALIENS!!!!!!! (I really like aliens!) I won’t say to much, but the book can get a little… bloody. Younger kids may not enjoy it cause of the blood in it. It’s not a lot of blood, but there is blood.

Over all, this is a great book. And even though it will take some time to read, I do suggest reading it. (Though younger kids may not want to read it, cause of the blood.)


  • SCI-FI!!!!!!!
  • Appropriate for youths (and maybe kids)


  • Can get a little bloody
  • The book is a slow read

Thirteen-year-old Liz Smith has been ripped away from one foster family after another for years, so the idea of a permanent home is tantalizing. Who cares if that home is a colony sixty-five thousand light-years from Earth? The friends in her trusty e-reader will keep her company just fine on her interstellar relocation.

But when the adventure of a lifetime turns into the disaster of the cosmos, Liz can only retreat so far into the books that have always sheltered her from loneliness and loss. Trapped in half-truths and secrets that leave her questioning reality, can one orphaned bookworm find a way to stop two races from destroying each other … and somehow write a happy ending to her own story?

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