Grand Ledges “Legend of the Ledges” by J. Clayton Albaugh

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Ok, so my family and I were at Wendy’s in Grand Ledge while visiting family, and the author of this book was actually there! And he gave me (for free) a signed copy of his book! He wasn’t there at one of those book signings or anything like that. He was also eating Wendy’s with his family. But My mom talks with strangers, a lot, and that’s how the conversation started.

I know I may be over-reacting a little, but I have never got a signed copy of anything. Sooooooooo… I GOT A SIGNED COPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only problem is that you can only buy this book through the author, or at the Farmers Market in Grand Ledge.

The book is about four young boys living in the aftermath of the Great Depression… and being boys. Ya know biking around, putting pennies on the train tracks, the usual. The book is really good, but has some mention of World War 2, which is really sad, but still a really good book.

Over all, this is a great, little book for, I’m gonna say anyone really. It has a great view on history, and my sister and I really enjoyed it.


  • History!!!!!
  • Youth appropriate


  • It gets a little sad at points
  • Can only be purchased from the author…

“Grand Ledge’s ‘Legend of the Ledges’ ” by Mulliken author J. Clayton Albaugh (AB Publishing) is an intriguing tale that’s set in the post-depression era. It showcases the unusual experiences of four local boys aged 12 to 15.

The 52-page self-published booklet focuses on Al, 15, the oldest of the group and his brother Tom, 13, who’s the most adventurous. Other members of “the Four Musketeers” include Jr. (also known as Rufus), 13, a daredevil and Jack, 12, already an innovator.

This is fiction set in Grand Ledge, beginning in February, 1936, using a realistic background with actual businesses that were is existence at the time.

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