Firstborn by Tor Seidler

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This was (and still is) one of my favorite books. I don’t usually read real-world fiction (cause it’s really sad sometimes), but this book was pleasantly surprising.

Now this book is about wolves… so there will be blood, but come on people!!!! They’re ANIMALS!!!! The book is actually about a magpie (which is a bird for you non-bird experts) finding her place within the pack.

Over all, Firstborn is such a fun book to read, and I really recommend it to kids and youths alike.


  • Wolves!!!!! (I love wolves)
  • Adventure


  • A little blood

Wolves. Predators of the wild. Stalkers of the forests. Born into rankings and expected to live up to their roles. Blue Boy, the alpha male of his pack, is the largest wolf many have ever seen, and his dream is to have a firstborn son who will take after him in every way. But Lamar is not turning out the way his father hoped.

Lamar likes to watch butterflies. He worries if his younger siblings fall behind in the hunt. He has little interest in peacocking in front of other clans. Blue Boy grows increasingly dismayed at Lamar’s lack of wolf instincts, and then Lamar does the intolerable: he becomes attracted to a coyote. While the other infractions can be begrudgingly tolerated, this one cannot, and the unity of the pack is in jeopardy.

Lamar wants to make his family happy, but is doing what is expected of him worth losing the only true friend he’s ever had?

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