The Summer of Yes by Courtney Walsh

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I have been waiting for this book to come out! Once I saw Courtney Walsh releasing it I knew it belonged on my bookshelf!!! (And I somehow got it early? Amazon says it’s being released July 2nd? Barnes and Noble for the win!!!)

This book is about 2 women in different stages of life who are more alike than they know. Kelsey (what a great name 😉 ) gets hit by a car on her way to a very important meeting and wakes up 2 days later in the hospital. Now she is re-evaluating her life. Does she really want to be alone saying no to all the fun life has to offer? Georgina is a high and mighty business women who is used to doing it by herself. But her failing kidneys have changed her plans. Does she really not want to fix those regrets and mistakes? Now both women are saying Yes to a Summer of new possibilities and fun! Can they both write a new ending for their stories?

This book was beautiful! I love, Love, LOVED the story, characters, plot line and the hope the book brings to life. It really makes you think about all the stuff you have said no too; was it worth it? The book is sooooo well written, the witty banter, sweet romance and humorous mistakes lead to such a sweet novel of love, hope, forgiveness and peace. This would be such a great read for ladies 18 and up.

Now this isn’t a kids book. It doesn’t have anything inappropriate, it’s just not written for kids. There is mention of a women finding a man wildly attractive. Mention of a married couple finding love again. Mention of eggs not being good after awhile. (That one was hilarious!) As well as a sad note through the novel of death, pain and regrets. This book is very good, just not children-friendly!

Overall, I laughed, cried and hugged this book soooo hard! It is a must read! Put it on your Summer Reading List ladies! It is worth it. May you all have a Blessed, book-filled day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Such a beautiful, sweet, heartwarming story!
  • A absolutely gorgeous book!!!
  • Great for young ladies 18 and up!


  • Some adult topics…
  • Not a kids book…

This wasn’t how Kelsey Worthington’s day was supposed to go. She wasn’t supposed to be picking up Starbucks for her smarmy boss. She wasn’t supposed to get hit by a car that jumped the curb. And she certainly wasn’t supposed to wake up in a hospital room next to Georgina Tate—the legendary matriarch of New York City businesswomen.

Kelsey and Georgina couldn’t be more opposite. Kelsey’s a dreamer, a writer who questions her own skill. And Georgina is a confident businesswoman whose years of shouldering her way into boardrooms and making her voice heard have made her far too outspoken for the faint of heart.

But now, when Georgina’s failing kidneys force her to face some big regrets about the way she’s lived her life, the two women recognize they share a common thread. Maybe it’s time to confront a few things. They must ask themselves: What if I said yes to everything I’ve always said no to?

With Georgina as her companion, Kelsey soon finds herself doing things she’s never done before. Eating street food. Swimming in the ocean. Matchmaking for Georgina with the help of Georgina’s handsome son. And writing her own romance—both in book form and in real life.

So begins the Summer of Yes.

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