Return to the Secret Garden by Holly Webb

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4.5 Llamas


This book deserves my Golden Llama Award! It’s clean, funny, sweet and heartwarming. Such a good read for girls 8 and up who love a good novel about friendship, nature and hope!!!

This book is about the Secret Garden, but not the one you might remember. This is the garden 30 years later when an orphanage from London escapes from the war to a beautiful house in the countryside. When Emmie finds the garden, she not only finds a magical place, she also finds an escape. Hurt from leaving London and her precious kitten behind, Emmie is surprised at the beauty the hidden garden has. But there’s more than just a secret garden hidden in this place. A mysterious boy crying at night, a hidden diary written by a girl named Mary, plus a secret garden? Talk about a great mystery!

I loved this novel! It was written so well, the plot line was beautifully laid out, and the characters were amazing! I really liked the Secret Garden as a movie and book, so finding this treasure was just a blast. It has a bit of adventure, lots of mystery and such a beautiful focus on hope and love instead of bitterness. This book is truly a masterpiece; and perfect for young girls 8 and up who love a good read!

Now there are some dark topics mentioned a few times. Mostly focusing on the war. Mention of people dying, getting hurt, injured. Mention of planes being blow out of the sky, mention of ships sinking and some explosions. (NOTHING is described only mentioned in passing) There is also a point in the book where Emmie is being picked on and a boy mentions that all the dogs and cats were killed in London to save food. I don’t know if this was real or not, (I don’t want to know either!) but some kids might be saddened by this.

Overall, this novel is one in a million! Such a good read, such a fun story and such a beautiful cover!!! (Just look at the cover art! Gorgeous.) I totally suggest this book to girls looking for a fun, inspiring, read about hope and friendship! Happy Reading! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Such an amazing read for girls 8 and up!
  • Clean, sweet, and sooo cute!!!
  • A great book for those who loved The Secret Garden!


  • Some mention of war and people dying…

The only friend Emmie Hatton has ever had at the Craven Home for Orphaned Children is Lucy, the little black kitten that visits her on the fire escape every day. But when the children of Craven Home are evacuated out of London because of the war, heartbroken Emmie is forced to leave sweet Lucy behind. The children are sent to Misselthwaite Manor, a countryside mansion full of countless dusty rooms and a kind, if busy, staff. Emmie even finds a gruff gardener and an inquisitive little robin that just might become new friends.

And soon, in the cold, candle-lit nights at Misselthwaite, Emmie starts discovering the secrets of the house―a boy crying at night, a diary written by a girl named Mary, and a very secret, special garden…

Kids will love to return to the world of The Secret Garden with this enchanting new book that will delight fans of the original story and new readers alike!

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