Fall Reading!

Ahhh… Fall. The most beautiful time of the year! And it also means school; a time to be around friends and make new ones!!! (Unless your homeschooled like me. Then you don’t make new friends, you just distract your sister while she’s doing her work 🙂 ) But fall is also the time for new beginnings, and new books!

I am soooooo excited this year! I have several new books coming out this fall!!!!!!! Keeper of the Lost Cities book 8, Skyward book 2, and a whole pile of Star Wars books as well. To say the least… I’m very happy! And I can’t wait!!!!!!

But the main word in the sentence is “wait”, and I really don’t like waiting… I am having a hard time finding good books again, and unfortunately there is not a website like mine, that just gives you random options, for ME to go too. So, I am stuck looking through random piles and judging covers. (And yes, I am a Book Cover Judger. And I’m proud to be one!) So, if you have a book you would like to text me please do!!!!!!!!!!!  Just contact me at “theyoungllamareader@gmail.com” and tell me about your book. I would love to hear about it. Love ya! -The Young Llama Reader.

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