Happy Easter!

Happy Easter my Llamings!!! I hope you are all having a beautiful, Blessed day surrounded by family and God’s love. Easter is such a wonderful holiday to remember how Jesus our savior not only died for our sins, but He also rose again!

This is a day to be in Church, thanking God for all that he has done. This is a day to be thinking about Love, Joy, Peace and Hope as we surround ourselves with our loved ones! And this is also a day to relax, rest in God’s perfect peace and read a good book. And not only a good book, but a book that is focused on His eternal love for us! So here are 5 Christian books that I think kids, tweens, teens, hyphens and adults would love!!!!

May you all have a Happy Easter filled with God’s love and lots of chocolate ;). Happy Easter everyone!!!! -The Young Llama Reader

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