The Battle for WondLa (Book 3) by Tony DiTerlizzi

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I love this series. When I got book 1, I was so happy to read a clean sci-fi book again; by book 2 I was totally obsessed and now book 3 is just my favorite! I totally suggest the Wondla series to anyone who loves a good sci-fi novel!

This book is about Eva Nine, who has now survived leaving her sanctuary, her robot Muther is gone, her friends are scattered around Orbana (the planet that used to be Earth), and now she might be the only one with the power and courage to save her new home and the people and aliens she has grown to love… But not everything is as it seems, and with powerful enemies, Eva needs to unite her home to save her planet.

I loved this book! It was an amazing ending to an extraordinary series! The characters were awesome, the plot line was fabulous and the writing was sooooo well done! Not to mention the beautiful illustrations the author did throughout the book!!!!! (I do love a good book with art in it) Also this is the only book I have ever read that has 4 epilogues… Yes 4! Which is weird, fun and confusing all at once. Not only do 2 of the epilogues help clear up the end of the story, but the other 2 epilogues lead you to other stories that you get to wonder about! Slightly strange but also slightly cool…

Now there is violence in this book. Though I think it is a clean read for kids 10 and up, there is mention of blood, death and other such things. There’s mention of people and aliens getting shot, stabbed, burned, eaten. Mention of blood but it isn’t too detailed just vaguely described. Plus there is mention of a room filled with the bones of past people. Kind-of creepy but there isn’t a drawing so it’s just mentions of clones bones… (Yet again, I personally believe this book is clean enough for kids 10 and up, but parents may need to approve it before the kids read it.) Plus there is a kind-of alien that eats others and absorbs their bodies and their “wisdom”. Just your normal weird sci-fi kind-of stuff.

Overall, I love this book and I adore this series! Yes there is some strange sci-fi stuff but hey, have you read Star Wars? There is weird stuff in those books too! Basically, science fiction may have mention of weird aliens and stuff; but I love the Wondla series and I very much suggest it to boys and girls 10 and up! Have a Hat-tastic Day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Such a good read!
  • Very clean and great for kids 10 and up!!!
  • A really fun sci-fi series!


  • Violence and mention of death…
  • Weird aliens mentioned…

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