Snow White’s Mirror (Fairy-tale Inheritance Series) by Shonna Slayton

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3.9 Llamas


I really love these books. Like REALLY love them! They are sooooo good! This series is very clean, has fantastic plot lines, amazing characters and are hands down some of my new favorite books!!!

This book is set in the 1900s in a mining town full of magic and mystery. When Billie, a Boston girl through-and-through, is dragged to an old western mining town in search of Snow White’s magical mirror, she isn’t amused… Billie has heard all her life about their families connection to the 7 dwarfs and how they hid the magic mirror. But now the stories seem more realistic than Billie would like, and when them seem to start effecting her, she needs to start looking for this mirror before it finds her…

This book was just fabulous! I mean, I’m obsessed!!!! The action is amazing, the romance is too sweet, the mystery is written so beautifully and basically I love this book and you need to read it right now! I mean this series is sooooo clean and would be perfect for girls 16 and up!

Now there is some violence and mention of saloons in this book. But it is all pretty clean. Not too mention of blood, just some here and there. There is mention of saloons, gambling and saloon girls; however they are only mentioned in passing and aren’t a big part of the book. There is also some magic. Basically your normal Disney magic. Mirrors that can grant a wish, spells and such. None of it is voo-doo or anything, it’s pretty clean magic.

Overall, this book is amazing, this series is amazing and this author is amazing!!!!! I love this book, I suggest this book and I think you need this book!!!!! It is very clean and would be perfect for girls 16 and up! Have a snowy day!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • An amazing book filled with magic and fun!
  • Such a good read for girls 16 and up!!!
  • Fun, interesting and magical!


  • Some violence mentioned…
  • Mention of gambling and saloon girls.

Old family secrets will not stay hidden…

Billie’s uncle is convinced the stories his sister tells about the Bergmann family history are true. A magic mirror. A family of dwarfs. And he’ll do anything to command the mirror, even if it means using unsuspecting Billie.

Socialite Billie likes a treasure hunt as much as the next girl, so she follows her uncle to an out-of-the-way mining town in Arizona where she meets an odd array of characters, including one rugged boy unlike any she’s met before.

More than anything, Billie hopes the magic mirror holds a cure to her mother’s mysterious illness. But after making a critical mistake, Billie risks walking away from this baffling town with nothing.

It’s up to her to solve the problem that has been plaguing her family for centuries, or lose it all… including the boy who stole her heart.

Set in an early 1900s mining boomtown, it’s Edwardian era meets the Wild West.

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