Hide and Seek by Kate Messner

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So, I have not been reading and reviewing as many books as I used too. (I guess I don’t read that much if I’m stuck at home…) And it took me a long time to finish this book, but I do suggest it. It is interesting and fun to read, but it’s more for younger kids than older kids.

The book is the after Capture the Flag, (which was about these 3 kids recusing the American Flag) and this time they are in the jungle trying to find the ancient Jaguar Cup. Before it disappears forever…

The book was pretty good, (again it took me quite a while to read it, but I think that’s because I’m used to reading more advanced books than kids books) and I totally suggest it. But there is some violence and one mention of a cultural reference where they auction off the entire bull… ALL of it. There were no mention of words or anything, it just said they auction of the bulls ‘meat’. That’s it.

Over all, this is a great book for younger kids, (6-10) and is very enjoyable to read. It is a good book for girls and probably boys too. I hope you all have a great day! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • A pretty good book for kids to read!
  • Fun, exciting and full of adventure!!!


  • One semi-iffy part that is a cultural reference.
  • Some violence.

When the ancient Jaguar Cup disappears, three kids race through the rain forest to reclaim it!

Jose, Anna, and Henry are junior members of the secret Silver Jaguar Society, sworn to protect the world’s most important artifacts. When they discover that the society’s treasured Jaguar Cup has been replaced with a counterfeit, the trio and their families rush to the rain forests of Costa Rica in search of the real chalice. But when the trail runs dry, new mysteries emerge: Who can they trust? Is there a traitor in their midst? With danger at every turn, it will take courage, teamwork, and a little help from the creatures of the rain forest to keep the cup from falling into the wrong hands.

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