Lost In Time Letters by C. D. Ross

The last Lost in Time Letter by C. D. Ross!!!! Letter 24, the ending to this fantastic Titanic historical-romance letter subscription. And boy is it good! Filled with all sorts of fun facts, interesting stories and glimpses into the past!

In letter 24 I got a short story, a telegram, a new short story that shows a new look at a book C. D. Ross is writing called The Stolen Legacy, and 2 full newspapers reprinted from 1912. In the short story, Chad and Aubrey are trying to adjust to their new “normal”. After surviving the Titanic and losing her sister and husband, Aubrey is trying to figure out what to do with her life, while Chad is still trying to recover from the loss of his wife and brother. When they receive a telegram that says, “Three souls alive and well” they both fearfully hope it is true and their family made it off the Titanic.

The story then jumps to Cordy and Ethan finally making it off of her brothers ship and making their way back to their loved ones. Cordy says goodbye to her brother Tim and leaves him knowing he needs to remain “dead”. Ethan gives Tim information on the Prime Minister, one of his patients, and informs him this is the only “blackmail” he will put up with. The story then jumps to Chad waiting on the docks with Aubrey and his father. Praying and hoping that his wife and brother are safe and alive on the ship, he rushes aboard and begins looking. Fearing the worst he begins to panic but then Cordy finds him and they are reunited after such a horrible ordeal! With Ethan reunited with Aubrey and Chad with Cordy, their happy ending still seems far from over. The next day the Ismay family hosts a press conference but everyone is more angry than happy that the Ismay family made it when so many others perished… The letter ends with a note from Ms. Ross explaining how she hopes everyone enjoyed the letters and how they might even make it into a book one day!

With the end to the letter I have to say this series has been AMAZING! I loved every letter, and I especially loved all the little knick-knacks I received with them! I can not even begin to describe how cool this letter subscription is, and if you are someone who loves mail, historical-romance and the Titanic this subscription is for you! I hope you all have an amazing day! -The Young Llama Reader.

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