2023 Christmas Book List!!!

Christmas!!!!!!! My all time favorite part of the year!!! You get to celebrate Jesus’s birth, learn more about the holiday, give gifts because He gave first, share love cause He loved first and spread Joy wherever you can because Jesus came to this broken world all those years ago to save us from our sins. How can you not love it?!?!

And it is also the time of the year where I make my Christmas Book List to help parents and kids alike find good, clean books for Christmas! (It’s my way of helping others while bragging about my favorite reads at the same time!)

However, this year is going to be a bit different… Since this is my 5th year as The Young Llama Reader I decided to do something to improve your Christmas Book List shopping. This year I made 2 lists, one for girls and one for boys! So go find a book for yourself, your friend, your kid and then go to YoungLlama to find the review for it!!!

Girls Christmas Book List 2023

  1. Keeper of the Lost Cities (8 and up girls)
  2. Enola Holmes series (14 and up girls)
  3. The Phantom Stallion (8 and up girls)
  4. Parked by Svetcov (10 and up girls)
  5. Spineless (8 and up girls or boys)
  6. Daughter of the Deep (10 and up girls)
  7. The Wide-Awake Princess (8 and up girls )
  8. Hero’s Guide series (7 and up girls or boys)
  9. The Map to Everywhere (8 and up girls or boys)
  10. Thea Stilton series (6 and up girls)

Boys Christmas Book List 2023

  1. The Wingfeather Saga (8 and up boys)
  2.  Books by Gordon Korman(8 and up boys)
  3.  Dragon Rider series (8 and up boys)
  4. Star Wars books (12 and up boys)
  5. The Thief Lord (9 and up boys)
  6. The Van Gogh Deception (8 and up boys or girls)
  7. The Prince Warriors (8 and up boys or girls)
  8. City of Ember series (9 and up boys)
  9. The New Recruit (16 and up boys)
  10. Last Days on Mars (10 and up boys)

Now, I know ya’ll are super excited to go buy all these books right now, but you need to check reviews people. Some of these books have magic, some have violence. The Daughter of the Deep mentions a random Indian deity. The Last Days on Mars has weird sci-fi in the 3rd book. People like different kinds-of books. Some people like Narnia, some people don’t. Some people like mysteries and action, some people don’t like the violence. It depends on your preface and your family. So… Always read the reviews!!!

I hope these Christmas Book Lists can give you some fun book ideas for Christmas! But other than that, Merry almost Christmas my Llamaings! And may your days be filled with snow and books! -The Young Llama Reader.


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