Lost In Time Letters by C. D. Ross

Hola my Llamaings!!! Sorry I have been gone awhile, turns out college work mixed with being a pastor’s kid really eats up a lot of your time! But today I am here with more letters from C.D. Ross and I can’t wait to review them!!!!!

This isn’t your ordinary Lost in Time Letter, this time I got letter 18 as well as 19, plus a new twist to these letters! I got 3 separate mini stories about the different characters that wouldn’t make sense in letter form. And on top of all that, I also got a Titanic First Class ticket and a passenger book with all sorts of interesting details about the ship!!!!!! Now time to drive into the letters and see where the mystery takes us.

In part 1 of letter 18, I got a letter from a general at the Watergate house to Mr. Walsh explaining the his mission to board a ship and make his way to the Titanic to “remove” Pekko Hakkarainen and take him to stand trial without anyone knowing. The mysterious very short letter ends with the threat that if anyone is caught or killed, the secretary won’t reveal any knowledge of their actions… With such a mysterious start I am in love with letter 18 already!!!

The 2nd part of letter 18 is a small story following Cordy as she returns home to her sister and brother-in-law in London. After leaving the husband aboard the Olympic, Cordy is hoping the dry ground might make her feel a bit better. But after arriving at her sisters in London, the story goes on to explain that she still isn’t feeling the greatest. Her sister, a bit oblivious to her condition goes on and on about how amazing America must be and how she hopes Ethan and her might be able to move there and see more of it after their voyage on the Titanic. Then the story takes a fantastic turn after Ethan asks if she would like him to take a look at her, and takes her to his doctor office. Once there he finds her “issue” pretty easily and informs her that she is simply not feeling well cause she is having a baby! (How Cute!!!!!) With the story ending on that sweet note, I wasn’t expecting the next part of the mystery to take a drastic turn… But it did.

Part 3 of this package has a letter simply addressed to Chadwick on board the Olympic and it is from Alfie Walsh, who is an undercover name of Tim! Cordy and Aubrey’s deceased brother!!! The letter is a threat to Chad saying that he must refrain from searching into Tim’s death anymore. Alfie/Tim warns Chad that the men he works for are powerful people and will stop at nothing to do what must be done. He then asks Chad to stay away from the mystery and begs him to not come any closer or Alfie will have to hurt him. He tells Chad how what he did was for his family’s protection and he plans on staying dead to them. He then writes that Chad must burn the letter for his own protection as well as Alfie’s and ends the letter with remorse that he will never be able to get to know his brothers-in-law, but many lives depend on the secrecy on his mission. The suspenseful letter just pulls you in deeper to the mystery and I am soooooooo excited to see where it goes next!

The 4th part of the package is another story with a fun fact list. This story is from Chad’s point of view, only one page long but full of details! In this story, Chad is reading the letter from part 3 and wondering what to do. After grabbing some matches and saying goodbye to the secretary, he makes him way out of the building and into an alleyway. After a second of hesitation, Chad burns the letter and any evidence that Tim is Alfie Walsh and he is alive. Headed back towards his ship, Chad thinks about Cordy and decides that she can’t know about he brother. The letter ends with him needing to think about this and pray.

The 5th part of this letter is another story from Chad and Cordy’s point of views. They are at on the top deck of the Olympic and wondering how to tell Cordy about the fact that he can’t go with her on the Titanic’s maiden voyage. She joins him on the top deck and asks him what is wrong. After some convincing he tells her how he can’t sail with her and must stay on his ship instead. Worried about him, Cordy is wondering how to tell him about her pregnancy, and is a bit upset about him not coming with her on the Titanic. Later at a press conference, Cordy has still not told Chad about their baby and Ethan and Aubrey are worried. While Captain Smith is being interviewed about the Titanic, the question comes up if the Titanic will hold up to the unsinkable claim. Which the Captain replies that “Not even God Himself could sink this ship”. The letter ends with both Chad and Cordy a bit upset about the statement and wondering if God will sink it for a simple figure of speech…

The very last part of this package is letter 19. This letter is from Chad to his uncle and is about how Chad won’t be able to be on the Titanic, but he wants Cordy to have a good time. He includes her first class ticket and her passenger book and ends the letter saying he will see his family in New York.

With all those lovely little details wrapped up in quite the package, I can’t help but wonder what letter 20 will be like… After all these letters were all around when the Titanic leaves… Till then I hope you all have a wonderful day! -The Young Llama Reader.

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