So Not Okay: An Honest Look at Bullying from the Bystander (Mean Girl Makeover) by Nancy Rue

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Every now and then there is a book that just leaves an impression on you. This book left one on me. I have never read such a realistic book on bullying in the real world. But this book shows what it is really like, and how to stop a bully without violence. And it is such a good read.

This book is about Tori, a young girl just trying to survive middle school. But when she sees the mean girl pack start messing with the new girl, Tori decides to stand up against bullying. Even if it means losing her friends and finding herself in the crossfires.

This book is such a good book for young girls. Bullying is something that many kids have felt in their lives. And books sometimes make bullying out to be this huge battle that a school goes through. But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s just a small feud between a few people. And this book really shows how it actually is.

I totally suggest this book to girls 10 and up. This book really shows how to stand against bullies and I think more and more kids need to read this kind-of book! It is very clean, and very well written. There is a lot of mentions of what the bullies do. Saying horrible things, locking people in lockers, sabotaging projects and attacking people who are different. There isn’t any horribly graphic attacks on people, but the bullies do make life miserable for some kids.

Over all, this book is such a good read for young girls. It is eye-opening and shows how to defend yourself without starting a war. I can’t wait to read book 2!!!!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • Such a great book about friendship!
  • And amazing read for girls 10 and up!
  • Such a beautifully written book about standing up for what’s right!


  • Lots of mention of bullying…

There is no such thing as neutral.

According to the Ambassadors 4 Kids Club, one out of every four students is bullied—and 85% of these situations never receive intervention. Parents, students, and teachers alike have amped up the discussion of how to solve the bullying problem for a networked generation of kids.

Written by bestselling author, Nancy Rue, each book in the Mean Girl Makeover trilogy focuses on a different character’s point of view: the bully, the victim, and the bystander. Each girl has a different personality so that every reader can find a character she relates to. The books, based on Scripture, show solid biblical solutions to the bullying problem set in a story for kids.

So Not Okay, the first book in the series, tells the story of Tori Taylor, a quiet sixth grader at Gold Country Middle School in Grass Valley, California. Tori knows to stay out of the way of Kylie, the queen bee of GCMS. When an awkward new student named Ginger becomes Kylie’s new target, Tori whispers a prayer of thanks that it’s not her. But as Kylie’s bullying of Ginger continues to build, Tori feels guilty and tries to be kind to Ginger. Pretty soon, the bullying line of fire directed toward Ginger starts deflecting onto Tori, who must decide if she and her friends can befriend Ginger and withstand Kylie’s taunts, or do nothing and resume their status quo. Tori’s decision dramatically changes her trajectory for the rest of the school year.

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