Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

It is my birthday!!!! Which means I post my annual new photo and tell you all a bit about me! (Though most of you already know I love Star Wars, sheep and books… That basically sums up my personality!)

I am 20 years-old but my favorite series is still Keeper of the Lost Cities. (2 decades old and I still love books for 8 year-olds…) I am a pastors daughter with a love for books! I love llamas and sheep. My favorite color is Yellow! I bake, sew, drum and draw. And my dream is to become a book illustrator!!! Also this is the first birthday I have had in like 6 years where I wasn’t horribly sick because God healed me!!!! (Isn’t God awesome!?!)

And I have been running this amazing review website for 5 years now!!!! (Officially in October but we can celebrate early!) YoungLlama is one of my favorite hobbies I have and I am sooooo happy do keep doing it till Jesus comes back! Cause if I can help you all find clean books, it is worth it. Have a book-filled day!!!!! -Kelsey

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